Rapid7 InsightVM

Risk management for optimum network security

Shows where you your cyber security

5Your network reaches further than ever before and goes beyond simple servers and desktops to include remote workers, cloud and virtualisation, and mobile devices. The first step in maximising cybersecurity, is knowing where the risks lie. Rapid7 InsightVM, scans your network and beyond to identify where you are most vulnerable.

Real-time, cloud-powered threat analysis

5Rapid7 InsightVM offers live vulnerability management and cloud-powered endpoint analytics. Its Live Monitoring never sleeps and automatically collects, monitors and analyses for new and existing risks. It keeps up with your ever-changing vulnerabilities, spots change as it happens and immediately prioritises where you need to focus.

Streamlines workflow

5Rapid7 InsightVM lets you set up and manage who is responsible for ironing things out before, and after a threat or attack. This avoids confusion and improves communication between your IT and network security teams to ensure problems are fixed faster and more efficiently. Simply put: the right info gets to the right people, so the right people step in when needed.

Works with your existing network security tools

5Rapid7 InsightVM forms a foundation for your existing cybersecurity programmes and works together with them to keep your data and network systems safe in a fast-changing threat landscape. This gives you a greater return on investment all around.

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