Meet the team

Andrew Chester, Managing Director

Ever since he was old enough to build his own lineman’s handset in the early ’90s, Andrew has been pursuing his passion for cyber security and computer and engineering sciences. Today, Andrew is a passionate threat researcher and technology evangelist, and constantly searches for new opportunities, technologies and ways to transform cyber security initiatives into business enablement tools. With over 10 years’ experience in both offensive and defensive security tactics, techniques and procedures, Andrew has built Ukuvuma Security from a security technology startup, to a trendsetter within the African and Middle Eastern regions.

As a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP), he has honed his skills in regions across Africa and the Middle East, where he headed up cyber security, threat hunting and incident response teams for large multinationals. These regions are continuously exposed to cyber attacks and attacker-led industrial espionage. This has allowed him to bring a mindset of “thinking like a hacker or attacker” to organisations so that he can better secure them against the threats that lurk out there in the wide web.

Dawid van Heerden, Director

Dawid van Heerden’s career in information and communications technology (ICT) started in 1999 when he joined a technical ICT support company. In 2002, he joined a successful management consulting company as an implementation coordinator, and was involved in various consulting and development projects ranging in size and complexity across various industries.

Dawid’s passion for strategy, business and innovative thinking, combined with the fact that he gets to work with highly skilled and gifted people, make him look forward to going into the office every day.