Maximum Cyber Security

  • Anti-malware:

    Offers proactive, file-less malware protection against harmful software that can sneak into your system.

  • Endpoint security:

    Detects and intercepts data breaches that occur at endpoints.

  • Anti-ransomware:

    Prevents malicious software from taking your computer systems hostage.

  • Next-generation anti-virus:

    The latest in rapid, effective detection and response.


5As the world’s most powerful cyber-analytics platform, Cybereason is built from the ground up to
work harder, smarter and faster so your business can do the same. It offers thorough threat analysis at an unprecedented pace.


Threat Hunting

5The process of recovering from a cyber attack can cut into your time, and ultimately your bottom line. That’s why Cybereason doesn’t wait for an attack to happen: it hunts it down using threat hunting tactics that leave no stones unturned.

The unique Hunting Engine gets to work immediately (no rule-writing required) and sensors are placed at every endpoint to silently monitor your entire environment. Each sensor asks 8 million questions per second, 24/7. It works fast, but won’t slow down your operations.

Anti-virus optimised

5Cybereason covers more ground than the most sophisticated anti-virus solutions, and can even detect file-less malware and lateral movement. It analyses, remembers, and connects past and present activities, which means it just keeps growing stronger, faster and more effective.

Threat Analysis Report

5Presents a full threat analysis report at the end of the day.
The Cybereason Response Interface shows the full scope of the attack. It lets you delve deep into individual processes, uncover the adversary’s point of entry and make the necessary security adjustments with precision. Because the Response Interface takes over the task of investigation and response, it frees up some of your top talent’s time.

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