Network security beyond your network

Network security, wherever you go

5Just because your staff have logged out at the office doesn’t mean security threats have powered down. Users can connect to your network from different locations, using many different devices, exposing them to a whole new host of sophisticated threats.

Your existing anti-malware may not be up for the task. That’s why you need network security beyond the firewall that can stop attacks before they strike. As the industry’s first secure internet gateway in the cloud, Cisco Umbrella protects your network users anywhere they access the internet. Thanks to the far-reaching power of the cloud, it’s the fastest, easiest way to secure all of your users – even when they’re not on your business’ network.

Specialises in the unexpected

5Many attackers leave “cyber fingerprints” because they often reuse the same infrastructure in more than one attack. Cisco Umbrella can use those fingerprints to stop threats in their tracks. It uncovers both existing and new threats, and uses DNS to block phishing, malware and ransomware across all ports and protocols, including direct-to-IP connections. It works fast to dig deep into the web for more thorough URL and file inspection, without slowing down your systems.

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Knows how much your
time is worth

5Cisco Umbrella can deploy across your whole business within minutes. What’s more, you don’t have to install hardware or manually update software, plus the browser-based interfaces make it easy to set up and manage. It seamlessly integrates with your existing network security solutions and enhances their capabilities – without you spending time and money on a whole new cyber security system overhaul.

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